What is it about an empath that people find alluring or intriguing? Like we are some type of mythical creator from an episode of “The Witcher.” You do not have to be an empath to feel how incredibly attractive Henry Cavil is. I knew when I was a kid that I was different. I remember my bones aching all the time. The feels were real. I can pick up vibes from across-the-room from you before you have registered them as an emotion. But, how does this happen? I don’t think I ate anything weird. My hometown has pretty clean water, sorry Flint.

So, here is what I know based on articles. studies and of course… Google. The definition of an empath is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. 

Writing that turned my stomach. Not because I disagree, mainly because it made me think about empaths differently. Empaths are known for being highly aware of the emotions around them. We see the world differently than others. I like to say, I see with my heart.

Wow, how romantic.. feeling love and happiness is truly a blessing. Stop! Being an empath is like 75% sucking up your emotions while trying to not to drain my energy. It’s exhausting. First and foremost what you need to know is, we don’t know why this happens. It is all speculation. Could it come from high-stress scenarios as a kid? Sure. Could it be an internal body chemistry cocktail? Probably. But, let’s look at what we know about being an empath.

Empathetic people do not process the same filters that others do to block out stimulation around them. As a result, they absorb energies around them. This can be both stressful or positive.


Empath Duality is a two-phase pattern thought to affect empaths. According to this theory, an empath will go through two phases. The length or severity of these phases depends on how aware they are of themselves and those around them. The first phase is very dark. During this time, it’s as if a “veil” is placed over the empaths awareness. This affects their feelings, sensing, and ultimate awareness. It is in this phase that an empath can lose themselves in others. This veil detaches them from their core. They are consumed by others. Often, this is the phase when the empath faces the most abuse. They will give until there is nothing left of themselves. This is the time where we lose who we are and feel the worst, totally alone, consumed and empty.

The First phase in Empath Duality is both a blessing and a curse. Most of the time it feels like hell on earth. During this phase, toxic personalities are typically attracted to the empath. Commonly, this is where you will hear about the narcissist and the empath but there are plenty of other bottom feeders out there. Don’t feel that bad yet because empaths love those toxic traits. In our minds, we get to help their little broken heart develop into a beautiful, beating, fixed and happy version they’ve never experienced. It is moths-to-a-flame. So, you can see how this could become an ongoing cycle.

Despite the soul-crushing and often dwelling we do in the first phase, empaths can move freely into the second phase. The second phase is when the empath essentially lifts their veil and re-opens their mind and awareness. This is helpful because it is now that we can offer others healing and begin another journey of self-awareness. This is also a dangerous phase because this is the time that an empath is the most powerful. We can discern truth from lies. Friends from enemies. Love from Lust.

These phases meet more than once in an empaths lifetime. I have been through it about 4 times. I can say the first was the hardest. I can pull myself out of a phase much quicker than I used to. I don’t refer to them as phases in my personal life. I am big into plants, so I think of phase one as being a seed. It is very dark. I am consuming and attaching with everything around me. I don’t know if I will survive but I can see that little light. So I am patient and even if I am there for months, I know that one day soon I will bloom. And blooming is my phase 2.


  • You overthink everything
  • The news is painful to watch
  • You are convinced you are a human lie detector
  • You absorb emotions
  • You treat your pets like humans
  • You experience many highs and lows
  • People always feel like they can open up to you
  • Your love is over the top
  • You cannot stand small talk
  • Genuine conversations without disruption are everything to you
  • Social situations leave you physically drained
  • You want to be around the people but cannot stand the people
  • You pick up on vibes instantly
  • You make others feel heard
  • You can feel illnesses, aching, pains and the discomfort of others
  • You are highly creative
  • You desire quiet time and decompression
  • Solitude and peace is everything to you
  • You are intolerant of clutter
  • You love to travel and experience nature


Emotional Empath: Often Libra- Genuinely indecisive. In my daughter’s words… “I think, or not.” She is 6. These emotion empaths can feel emotions nearby and it influences their judgment and decision making. These empaths are known for having mood swings. It is only once they learn to tell the difference between the emotions which belong to them and the ones that do not, that they can become self-aware. This is when they become especially as a natural therapist.

Gaia Empath: Often Aquarius- Hi, Rachel here. Born February 2. Has there ever been one that was not an Aquarius? Aquarians are born to connect with everything around them. These empaths are extremely powerful. Gaia is mother earth. You consume energy for the entire planet. But you are not alone. You have many fellow Aquarians to help. Aquarians or Gaia Empaths feel not only the emotions of people nearby but can sense entire regions if not continents

Astral Empath: Often Pisces- These empaths can sense what is going on in different planes. They can feel emotions before others even realize they have it. My mother is an astral empath and a Pisces. Astral Empaths can help avoid toxic people

Heyoka Empath: This is RARE. This empath understands the emotions of others as well as provides a healing method suited for an individual’s needs. They appear younger than they are. They think outside the box. They often do things backward and at times are even born breach. They are emotionally unpredictable and at times dyslexic. It is said that Heyoka Empaths use the wind as sticks to beat the drum of thunder.

Geomantic Empath (aka Earth Empath or Environmental Empath): Often Capricorn- What is troubling mother nature today? You know. You have that sense of waves beneath the soil. You always know what is wrong and what is right. You can feel a presence in particular places and are drawn to them. They have been known to predict environmental disasters.

Intuitive Empath (aka Precognitive Empath or Medium Empath): Often Scorpio- But you already knew that didn’t you? Known as the greatest conjurer, you become a beacon of light for spirits. These empaths experience lucid and vivid dreams. Deja vu is an accountable timeline for your life. These empaths are known for becoming anxious before events.

Flora Empath (aka Plant Empath): Often Virgo- You are the one who can affect or be affected by flowers, plants, and nature. Botanics are your psyche.

Fauna Empath (aka Animal Empath): Often Aries- These empaths are the force of Spring. They have a particular energy that runs within them. As the sun enters their zodiac phase, the Fauna empath bring animals into the light and connects with them

Physically Receptive: Often Taurus- As the sun enters Taurus, natures bounty becomes so plentiful for this empath that everything is materialized. This can manifest itself.

Telepathic Empath: Often Gemini- This empath is an extremely sensitive empath who can attune to voices and vibes all around them. This empath can both send and receive messages with others around them. This empath meets you for one second and now has access to boundless amounts of your wisdom and cognition in a nanosecond.

Chameleon Empath (aka Mirror Empath, True Empath or Pure Empath.) Often Cancer- This is the most sensitive and purest empath. Everything comes naturally. Phases ease from one to the next for you. Rooms change when you enter. You mirror everyone’s thoughts and emotions. You can feel the ripple any emotion causes.

Psychometric Empath: Often Leo- Everything through touch. Every item has a story and you are the author of every single one. You can hold or wear something of a loved one to feel them with you.

Enlightened Empath: Often Sagittarius- What is the meaning behind life? These empaths can sense the truth inside of us. Don’t ever lie to this empath. They value honesty higher than everything.


You are not in a glass case of emotion. You are strong and can live like this. Once you realize yourself and become more self-aware, I promise you… it won’t get easier. What you wanted some sort of inspirational roundup? I have been known to cry and puke within ten minutes of waking up. I am not the one to give you advice. I can tell you from experience that with self-care, this feels thing is manageable.

  1. Feel the feels. You don’t want to bury these feelings. You are already buried by them and need to help yourself bloom.
  2. Watch the moon cycle. This can affect you greatly.
  3. Learn your triggers. Not having enough alone time can devastate a veteran empath.
  4. Set boundaries. After taking in all of these emotions all day every day, you need time to purge them and regenerate your own.
  5. Yoga and Reiki. I know you think this is cliche and I cannot disagree but without both.. I would feel hopeless
  6. Stop getting sucked into the drama. You can keep scrolling. Say what?! Yes, move along. No need to comment unless you want to feel like shit for hours.
  7. Learn about vibrations. Once you learn how to not allow others to influence your vibration, your healing aura grows.
  8. Learn when to make your exit. Either your intuition will tell you, or your stomach will.
  9. Deal with the shit in your heart. Empaths have 99 problems but 89 of them aren’t theirs. If you don’t deal with the stuff going on inside your heart and head you are going to feel very alone.
  10. Connect with other empaths around you.